In 1971 ARGITAL S.R.L., began business to supply injected plastic products to the market
with experience and technical advice.

Developments were, originally, about different kinds of products, such as trays, working
and spare parts for machinery and cars, telephone and audio magnetic tape boxes.
Besides that, ARGITAL S.R.L. manufactured exclusive caps for Pharmaceutics and
Cosmetics market.

To fit out to market requirements, ARGITAL S.R.L. introduced own standard caps models
for tubes, bottles and pots. Actually, new models are being developed to satisfy
customers´ needs.

ARGITAL S.R.L. checks the product quality according to IRAM and COPAN norms.

It allows Argital SRL to supply customers that require high quality products, as Medicine,
Food and Cosmetics Industries. Nowadays, ARGITAL S.R.L., an argentine company, is
exporting to Brazil and Chile.