. Which is the difference among the raw materials used to manufacture caps?

- Plastic raw materials are classified in two big groups. One, the classic materials, as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, PVC and PET, with which the most of containers are made of. The other group, the engineering materials, are used when the final usage must support physical, mechanical, chemical, and temperature conditions.
. Which is the caps production process? What is the average time production?
- The injection or extrusion-compression system is used to manufacture those models for mass consumption products.
Production cycles could vary depending on the raw material used and the cap design, between 10 and 30 seconds per cycle.
. How does Argital SRL protect the packed product in the container from external agents?
- Producing caps with the right raw material prevent that agents such as gases and light could affect the product.
Argital SRL is engaged to protect the product, specifying, first of all, the most convenient raw material according to the product to be packed, its usage and storage.
. Which is the production process for orders?
- The process starts with the incoming order, pointing out the colour and model. The lead time is about 10 days until delivery.
When a new model is required, Argital SRL, not only gives technical advice to make the design better, the raw materials to be used, but develops necessary tools and matrix as well.

. On designing the container, how should it be started?

- It is very important to define if both cap and container designs would be for only one and exclusive purpose, or in other hand, a mixture of standard models.
If a standard model is chosen, it is convenient to suit the closer model to which the customer wants. Then, the container must be adapted or developed, what is an easy operation. In case of being exclusive products, both designs should be suitable to each other,  mostly when referring to the raw materials.
. What are IRAM and COPAN norms?
- Argital SRL works according to IRAM and COPAN norms, which allow to fix AQL values (Aceptable Quality Level) for different defects..

. Which advantages does Argital SRL offer?

- Argital SRL knows all the points that affect the customers when not fulfilling with their requirements. For that reason, Argital SRL, is working to improve Delivery and Quality confidence, plus competitive prizes.